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CGSs Tele-TEE and WebTimes application suite is a complete solution that enables golf & recreation facilities to automate daily reservation & management functions. The combination of CGSs Tele-TEE and WebTimes products allows reservations to be taken 24 hours a day 7 days a week via the Internet as well as the phone. Thus, increasing the number of reservations taken and decreasing the resources necessary to take those reservations, creating a more efficient reservation and tracking system. 

Tele-TEE and WebTimes is a software application suite that allows the club to take a reservation along with a credit card confirmation at the point-of-reservation. Ease of check-in for a tee-time golfer is also accomplished via one or several real-time networked terminals working off the same tee-sheet at the time of check-in. Player tracking is accomplished by the use of an electronic Tee-sheet screen, allowing reservations to be checked, and if combined with CGSs Touch-POS application, allowing the receipt of payment. 

CGSs Tele-TEE and WebTimes application suite is a combination of the following:
  • Tele-Tee, a powerful tee-times phone reservation planning system, simplifies and streamlines the management of reservations in a recreation facility.
  • WebTimes, a powerful Internet based reservation application that allows golf courses to make available their teesheet on the Internet. Golfers or other booking agents are allowed to book, change, and cancel teetime reservations online via the web. Computer Golf Software maintains CGS web server and hosts their own web site,, which communicates to machines at each golf course. The machines running at each golf course respond to requests from the CGS web server concerning availability, golfer validation, etc. These responses are then presented by to the web user.

The combination of Tele-TEE and WebTimes creates a powerful and simplified system that allows the facility owner the control of reservation requests prior to the day of play and the management of the day of play check-in procedures.



  • 24/7 Real Time Reservations over the Internet

  • Ease of use, convenient and fast reservations from a desktop computer

  • Offers the ability to sell goods and services in a secure environment

  • Ability to generate new customers locally, nationally and world wide

  • No transaction fee to the golfer or the club

  • Allows the use of credit cards as a deterrent against no show

  • All Tee Time Reservation Data resides at the club

  • Additional Credit Card authorization and collection via CGSs merchant agreement provides a 3-5 second authorization via the existing TCP/IP Internet connection.


  • Interactive Voice Response

  • Telephone Interface with Tee Times Reservation System

  • Caller Specific Volume Control

  • Caller Specific Rate Control

  • Audio Verification of Name

  • Up to 250 Different Player Types

  • User Friendly Script with On-Line Help

  • Club Information Script


  • Confirmed or Lottery Request

  • Resort Reservations

  • Fixed Reports & Starter Sheets

  • Summary Screen: 1-4 Courses at Once

  • Calendar Displays up to 3 Months of Reservations on one screen

  • Block Bookings

  • Golfer Profile Maintenance


 TouchTEE TouchPOS WebTimes Accounting Accounts Receivable

    Credit Cards